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Voryn il'Qorveyer

A Dunmer(Drow) noble from an ancient lost house, he was buried in the underdark beneath Qaval. Recent terrible desolate rain seeped into his burial chamber and he arose, having witness the IA's wheel.

He stands a steady 6 feet tall and is incredibly thin and wiry, almost desiccated. His skin is a pale gray, his solid black hair reaches half way down his back. He has a slender face with large lips and a long nose, eager eyes bloodshot and red. After performing a ritual, he gained a pair of doppelganger arms, which were quickly lost in the Temple of the Seven, along with his other preexisting limbs. He then coalesced some makeshift tentacles from the worms in the black water.

He wears ancient finery in grays and reds. He carries a bronze death-mask that has a third eye in the middle of it's forehead, fans around the outside and horns on it's peak.


  • I have seen the wheel and IA's disinterest. I will replace him and make it better.
  • My city has been buried, my House lost. I will reclaim my place.
  • The black water has revived me. I will find it's source.

Traits: “Bowed, Bent, Unbroken”, Cult of the Self, People Person

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