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Sir Lyle Beancounter, Fighter, Lvl 1

Played By longbowlloyd


“That was a bloody good scrap, what?”
“I would stick my sword in that.”

Intro Description: Sir Lyle Beancounter is a Knight Acountant and Right Honorable Member of the Order of Black Book Keepers. He has dashing blonde hair that he wears in a comb over style with a matching elegant moustache. His eyes are bright blue and a have a jolly twinkle to them. He speaks with a high class jovial english accent and he wears black clothing with a pretentious fur lined coat. At his hip he carries an ornate saber and he moves with the fluid grace of a fencer. He has the air of someone who thinks very highly of himself and he loves 'a bloody good scrap, chaps!'.


  • Itching for a scrap!
  • Double edged sword
  • Acountant


  • I love a bloody good scrap, I will make some friends who will have my back in a brawl.
  • I need some capital to start my new business venture, I will acquire it by any means necessary.
  • I like fucking almost as much as like fighting, I will build myself a scandalous playboy reputation in Qaval.


  • Level: 1st
  • Class: Knight Accountant, (Fighter, Dueling Style)
  • Race: Stout Halfling
  • Background: Black Book Keeper



Mystery Questions

New Questions:

  • Fill this in at session start

Questions About Lyle:

  • What is Sir Lyle's new business venture going to be?
  • Why did Sir Lyle come to Qaval and leave his old home?
  • Where did Sir Lyle come from?
  • Does Sir Lyle have anything to do with the halfling town of New Pipton?
  • How did Sir Lyle get his title?
  • Does Sir Lyle have any family?
  • How does Sir Lyle feel about the bank of Shialbaz?
  • What is Sir Lyles sexuality?
  • Why is Sir Lyle like flash-heart?

Questions About Other Characters:

  • Can Justice and Lyle get on despite their different monetary philosophies?

Questions About the World:

  • TODO


Entry Number: 1

  • In-Game Date:
  • Party:
  • Main Quest:
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