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The setting is desert based fantasy/dieselpunk. Its fiction is inspired by The Stone Mage And The Sea, Star Wars, Mad Max, Pitch Black and Dune. Its races and cultures are not typical fantasy and it contains both firearms and automobiles.

Setting Excerpt

<blockquote>A dust dwarf caravan packs up its tents into carts and trucks, and leaves the wood elf populated suburbs surrounding the giant high elf fortress house which dominates the skyline with its domes and minarettes. The mud dwarves will stay here until they can stay no longer but the dust dwarves move on quickly. Before they enter Shoalmourn - the squat, petty, astringent human kingdom that marks the end of their ancient trade route - they will pass through both a sprawling halfling grid and the smoking clustered spires of an ogrin polis. There will be only two deviations from their ancient path. The first, to keep clear of the shadow of Kirrilah Rock, where they would have once rested in the caves carved into the base of the mesa by their ancestors, now the site of a new Goliath Colloston.</blockquote>

<blockquote>The second detour is to follow a rare fresh water river that bubbles from some clean spring somewhere in the mountains, providing respite from the barren stony Warraku fields. Each night the sounds of the engines and the beast-pulled carts are joined by magical song as Mori, the bard-cleric of Kilarbi leaps amongst the carts and trucks dispensing wines and ciders enchanted by his song to stave off the madness of travelling through the desolation. As they draw near to the border of the human lands, however, the songs are absent from the night. The humans of Shoalmourn have strange beliefs and customs regarding magic and the clan does not wish to have any more of their number abducted by The Inquisition.</blockquote>

The game centers around the town of Qaval in the human kingdom of Shoalmourn. It is a frontier town at the far edge of civilisation. The climate is largely desolate, with weather being highly variable. It does rain, but the rain is somehow less wholesome than it once was.

This is not a post apocalypse; it is an extreme, climate induced recession. 100 - 150 years ago, Shoalmourn and the nations around it were connected and thriving. Industry was spearheaded by brilliant people, and the development of automobiles, firearms and the first forays into air travel were changing the world. When the farmers first noted that the rain had become somehow thicker, it was dismissed as “The Sour Winter”, but as two sour winters became three, and then ten, the waxing of civilisation halted and quickly turned in on itself.

Over the next 100 years, people would migrate from the outlying rural areas into the outer cities and then, as the outer cities fell apart without their supporting resources, into capitals, grand old fortresses and the very core of their lands. Shoalmourn now occupies a third of the land it once controlled, and the thousands dead from famine have left the population decimated and cowed, obedient to the royal family and its conservative inquisition. And yet, out here on the borders, new visionaries and wanderers seek new sights in dusty lands that have been reclaimed by wilderness and monstrosity.



535 - The first Sour Winter
577 - The Inquisition is founded in Shoalmourn
641 - Present Day

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