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  • Nona is building some sort of big private “estate”.
  • Between the Southwestern Ridge and the Spider Marbles are fields of cut cacti - the ground is hollow and holes deep! Beware of lice!
  • People keep coming into Qaval dead and leaving alive?
  • Chaos shards are infecting creatures and inflicting them with strange behaviour.
  • House Madori is undead complicated.
  • There is a pre-desolation map of Qaval glued into the journal - Pre-Desolation Map.
  • Skylar wants Vorkhid dead, but apparently the clever bugger has some kind of “dead man's switch” to do with the spiders at the marbles.
  • Adventurers keep taking camels into the wastes and coming back without them. Note: adventurers are bastards.
    • Paige
    • Grimsby
  • A tribe of primitive mud-dwarves far west in the blood scrub, friendly and willing to trade, but timid and otherwise self-sufficient. Known to Anton of Antonvale and used to trade through there.


  • There was a SIGNIFICANT number of gnolls south of Qaval.
  • The gnolls were led by Mama Fang, and had fortified the Huge Lizard Carcass to the south west of Qaval.
  • There was territory war between gnolls and large flying insects - the gnolls were winning.
  • A huge, twelve-story-tall mega-lizard destroyed Carcassfort, killing hundreds of gnolls in the process. It was last seen heading NNW, roughly in the direction of New Pipetown. Survivors unknown.


  • 'Stirling' the bandit is associated with the bank of Shialbaz.
  • 'Bank bandits', nasty folk hired by the bank, are identifiable by uniform-like ragged leather armour - beware! They mean to scare your coin into the bank's hands!
  • The bank is engaged in a war with the gnome chief Murdoch.
  • The bank is digging up something in a glass cliff near Shamlin.
  • The bank as a business is reported to be run by a blue dragon for which the banks are named.
  • A painting of a (possibly related) blue dragon hangs in the Minah branch.
  • Some bank-employee bandits west of Qaval had an invoice for, honestly, shitloads of meat.
  • The bank's goons have started building a town around the old windmill to the north east of Qaval.
  • The bank's goons had set up shop in Fort Marshall, but were fooled into thinking Shialbaz himself told them to move onto the 'new project' - it is now abandoned (again).


  • A crashed airliner southeast of Qaval…
    • …contained restless ghosts.
    • …talked to us restricted military frequencies, in the Tawny language.
    • …was bound for Kensington.
    • …had artillery shells, counterfeit degreaser, and armed forces records in the cargo hold.
  • The Night Road station in Mouqsa contained…
    • …a horrifying four-person amalgamation of flesh.
    • …black blobs?
    • …disused hardware.
    • …communiqués debating dangerous concepts.
  • The town that contains a Night Road station in the far west Blood Scrub has highly mutated wildlife, and 'surviving' residents are, too, highly mutated.
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