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Qaval is a human town of approximately 3000 people at the south-easternmost corner of the largely subterranean human kingdom of Shoalmourn. Its remoteness has earned it a reputation as a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Adventurers and outcasts gravitate to this settlement, either lured by the call of the expansive wastes that surround it, or escaping the rigid control of Shoalmourn's brutal inquisitorial guardforce.


  1. The Forum
  2. Gorunna's Warehouse
  3. Sheemaw's Hut
  4. Natalya's Bakery
  5. Balantyne's Shop
  6. Vorkhid's Warehouse
  7. The Bank Of Shialbaz
  8. Monument Of Heroes
  9. Temple to Shan
  10. Dawson's Tavern
  11. Ms Grinny's
  12. The Flophouse
  13. Radon's Smithy
  14. Construction Temple
  15. Bowyer

Adventurer Hub

Adventurers are known to meet in what is referred to as the forum, a public square between two taverns, a flophouse and a smithy, inhabited by a seemingly voluntarily homeless man known only as Caesar.

The town is a frontier town and is full of opportunities that few have the resources to exploit. Parties in town that offer goods and services may be able to expand their offerings with player assistance.

Many town upgrades allow the player to take on dice for time spent doing things in town which can be spent to improve rolls later while adventuring. A character may never possess a number of such dice that is more than double their current level. This restriction is calculated at the end of each downtime so if the character levels up in that downtime their max pool size is considered to have been twice their new level the entire downtime.

PartyServices AvailableUpgrade CostUpgrade Effect
  • Adventure Organisation & Mapping
  • 1 Set of Pauldrons
  • 3 Sets of Overalls
  • 1 Shortsword
  • 2 Javelins
  • Light Crossbow
  • 8 Daggers
  • 2 Scimitars
  • Tub of Engine Grease present for Monty with message from Lilta
  • Camel hire: 5sp/day. Known Camels: Paige, Julian(a bitch)
  • Carved Electrum Coin - Howling Face
  • 5x Mechanics Tools
  • Shed Crane Blueprint
  • Air Compressor without a tank
  • Magic Shifter - 1d4 +1d10 against Mech +1 mech tools check
  • Manuals for: Snow mobile, Air Compressor, Mech-Suit
  • Bag of Clockworks
Qaval Library
  • Books
  • n'
  • Stuff
12 goods, 1 magic, 2 influenceResearch checks made in town will gain +1
Natalya's BakeryCodling Cakes: 1gp, makes you feel warm and safe (limit 2 per week)
Radon's SmithySells standard melee weapons for prices listed in PHB.15 goods, 10 days, 2 influence Radon will craft masterwork melee weapons.
10 goods, 12 days, 1 Magic, 1 Influence Radon will reforge melee weapons (including weapons into different forms.)
Sharpcall's BowyerSells arrows, bolts & non-firearm ranged weapons for PHB prices.15 goods, 10 days, 2 influence Sharpcall will craft masterwork ranged weapons.
20 Goods, 15 Days, 1 InfluenceSharpcall will build and repair firearms.
Sheemaw's HutSheemaw trades in collections of themed items, but has limited space. Checking in on his unfinished collections is usually a profitable idea.7 Goods,1 Influence, 18 Days (1 magic paid)Sheemaw will collect more things in his hut for trading.
Mr Balantyne (Played by John Hurt)A old wizard taken up shop on the good edge of the Dustwalls. He sells and can be commissioned to produce basic alchemical products. Can currently make Healing Potions, Poison, Antitoxin, Alchemist's Fire, Acid, Oil, Ink.
Roku (Played by Jeremy Irons)Temple to Shan, with library. Each day spent researching in the library gives the character a d6 research die which can be spent to add it's rolled results at any time on a Nature, Religion, History or Arcana check after the player has seen the result of the roll but before the GM has announced the outcome.1 Magic Paid
Bluey's BillabongA hectare of scrub around a freshwater billabong. Has 5 plots for planting hardy plants (1 lillipilli, 1 yams, 1 lemon myrtle)12 Goods, 6 Influence, 12 Days (147.1 gold paid)Will have lodgings and extend to 2.5 hectares of farmland. Will have a garden of 5 more plots for planting.
Construction TempleYou may gain a d6 guidance dice for each day spent communing in solitude with the totem beast. You are more receptive to the natural navigation instincts of beasts of burden. This dice may be spent to add it's result a survival roll made to navigate while mounted or steering a beast of burden, after seeing the result of the roll but before the GM has announced it's effects.

You may take a Sevenfired Charcoal from the altar brazier in the temple. When it is used in the crafting of an item the player may choose the result of the d6 made for Spare Parts rolls made, if any. The brazier produces a new Sevenfired charcoal every seven days and may never hold any more than seven Sevenfired Charcoal.

Up to five creatures can be stabled at the temple. They are autmatically fed and watered while stabled as long as someone lives in the temple.

5 vials Degreaser, 6 cans Grease, 8 cans Rust converter, 4 vials acid available, silver goblet and pitcher.
Monument of Heroes (being built near Sheemaw's house)An inspiring statue that attracts more adventurers to town; (allows players to have up to three live characters at a time. New Characters can start at level 2 if they like)3 Influence, 3 Magic, 30 Goods, 30 Labour. (1 influence paid.)New characters will be allowed to start at level 3.
Ms Grinny's ParlourA Flophouse of Well-Earned Ill-Repute, Ms Grinny charges by the hour over day, so overnight stay is pricey, but if you want strong drink, or don't want to be in your right mind, she's got what you're after. Think large cushions and hookahs over stools and tables, and maybe even larger cushions over beds. 5 Goods, 1 Influence, 3 Labour. The cost of Carousing save bonuses will be halved in price.
Dawson's TavernA large, rustic bar area with stools, chairs and benches aplenty; many rooms of decent quality, a few less so, and a performing stage on the main floor. Dawson charges by the day for stay, and sells food and drink. The cost of Carousing save bonuses here are halved in price. Cost unknown The cost of Carousing save bonuses will be halved again in price.


The particular parties that willingly take residence in the Dustwalls also happen to be less than keen to be so directly influenced by roving investor-adventurers. Deals and Interaction can certainly be struck with these groups, but investing resources into them doesn't tend to produce longer term improvements that you may benefit from - rather, it's more a case of favours-given-for-favours-owed; more under the table than over.

Vorkid: Vorkid was reputed to be a local crime leader, although his greatly stocked and heavily guarded warehouse burned down less than a season ago. Since then, he's spent a surprising amount of time in the Temple of Shan…

The Bank of Shialbaz: The Bank has slithered into town and set up shop across from the smouldering remains of Vorkid's warehouse, on the north side of the main northwestern-heading road through the Dustwalls. The Bank offers to protect your hard-earned coin in exchange for notes of credit, which are being increasingly accepted as currency across the lands - or so they like to tell you. Bandits in matching sets of ragged armour have been known to work under the employ of Shialbaz' money-hoarders…

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