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Push Your Limits

Spells Per Day tells you how many times you can channel the background energy of the universe safely, and for martial characters, that obviously means none. In Dungeons and Dragons and Feelings, everyone can choose to dig deep in themselves, and draw out something great, bending the fabric of reality by sheer will, but not without great cost. They can achieve something truly miraculous, and quite possibly disastrous. Pushing your limits is rarely recommended, but when your back is against the wall and there's no way out, sometimes rolling those bones and taking what comes is much more enticing than simply dying to a shortsword in the gut. Remember, though, that

The Big Red Button

When you attempt to cast a spell or use an ability you don't know, or don't currently have access to, roll a Constitution or Wisdom saving throw (Whose choice?). After you've rolled the dice, but before the GM has announced the result of the roll, you may choose to give yourself a -5 penalty to the roll. (Why?)

Push Your Limits Save
30+ Success.
25 - 29Success. Gain 1 Exhaustion.
20 - 24Success. Chaos Reigns.
15 - 19Partial Success. Take 1d10 damage per character level.
11 - 14Partial Success. Chaos Reigns. Gain One Madness.
5 - 10Failure. Take 1d10 damage per character level. Gain 1 Exhaustion.
< 5Failure. That Which Should Not Be. Gain One Madness.
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