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Shoalmourn is a human kingdom which has retracted back into itself as the climate has changed and the deserts have encroached on their lands. The prevailing wisdom is that they have been abandoned by Oli the Seasonkeeper who is upset with their excessive use of magic and lack of filial piety, and ideas gleaned from High Elves. To rectify this the humans of Shoalmourn have become less socially mobile and more rigidly controlled by their mid level governments.

Portonfel is the capital city of Shoalmourn.

Caldan is another city in the kingdom.



Qaval is a human town of approximately 3000 people at the south-easternmost corner of the largely subterranean human kingdom of Shoalmourn. Its remoteness has earned it a reputation as a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Adventurers and outcasts gravitate to this settlement, either lured by the call of the expansive wastes that surround it, or escaping the rigid control of Shoalmourn's brutal inquisitorial guardforce.

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Locations in The Frontier

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Elven Houses

Elven Houses

  • Madori
  • Qorveyer (Drow, dead)
  • Qoti
  • Viren
  • Ghazi
  • Jhalani
  • Batàrd
  • Izdihar (Found copper rimmed sunglasses of Durnon il Izdihar)
  • Isra (Name means “travellers at night”. Worshippers of Shobi, Smugglers, House emblem is a sliver moon.)
  • Qathir (Distant, still active, 'conquerors'.)
  • House Maugin (West, deep in the blood scrub, collapsed ruins, OLD house - not 'il Maughin', but older.)
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