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There is one god and that god is IA.
IA is the Splintering Wheel, gaoler of the world. His domains are Life, Death and Destruction. He is uncaring and eternal.

There are seven Wardens that obey IA and tend to the world. They are as follows:

Oli, the Seasonkeeper, whose domains are Nature, Construction and Tempest

Horu of the Undergrowth, whose domains are Death and Nature

Avio, the Kilnmother, whose domains are War, Construction and Travel

Shobi of the Skies, whose domains are Knowledge, Light and Tempest

Nodermu the Pure, whose domains are Light, Life and Destruction

Shan the Patient, whose domains are Knowledge, Trickery and War

Kilarbi the Flare, whose domains are Trickery, Light and Travel

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