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Overland Travel

When travelling overland each party member may make two actions per watch.

The party's default movement is 0kms per watch but may be increased using the Pacemaking action.

A character who is mounted may increase the party's movement by a variable speed for free once per watch, based on the size of the party, as detailed below.

If a character performs more than 6 actions between long rests they must make constitution checks for each watch the perform any actions in. The DC for this check is double the number of actions they have taken since their last long rest. On a failure they gain one rank of exhaustion.

Watch ActionEffect
PacekeepingIncrease the party's movement by X km/h for the watch.
NavigatingOn a successful Wisdom(Survival) check navigate through the wilderness to find the way toward the party's destination.
QuartermasteringPrevent the accidental consumption or loss of items or rations. At the end of the watch automatically know if any one or thing is missing from the party.
MapkeepingKeeps track of where the party is and notes about when and where the party encountered what. Things encountered while travelling may be added to the map and/or the rumor mill.
Keeping Lookout On a successful Wisdom(Perception) check prevents the party from being surprised by random encounters.
ForagingOn a successful Wisdom(Survival) check produces 1d4 rations.
HidingOn a successful Dexterity(Stealth) check makes the party less visible to any watching eyes and less likely to come across random encounters. Gain +1d10 on any encounter rolls made during this watch.
Find a secluded campsiteOn a successful Intelligence(Investigation) help find a more secluded camping spot. Gain +1d10 on any encounter rolls made while camped in this location.
SearchingRoll Investigation or survival to find or hunt for something while travelling.
Carrying If there is a large load that needs to be moved such as an unconcious or unwilling creature or a large object, a carry action is required to bring it along at pace with the party.

The Map: Navigation rolls made where the end of watch destination is marked on the map have advantage.

For Parties with more or less than 4 characters pacekeeping and mount speeds are as follows:

Party SizePacekeeping and Mount Speed
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