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Old Adventures


  • Aethwen, Aigua, Ceithy and Loyal Ox set out to investigate a huge lizard carcass that had been reported to the west of town.
    • They discovered it was being investigated by gnolls.
    • They met a dwarven wizard named Child Deciever.
    • Aethwen slept with Child Deciever and gained some of his mystical knowledge.
    • They discovered an automobile wreck hidden amongst some rubble.
  • Stilgar, Osmodius and Sabeen set out to investigate the great windmill to the northeast of town.
    • They discovered it was inhabited by bandits and ousted them
    • They discovered that the windmill was full of flour and some machinery, too much to carry home on foot
  • Stilgar, Osmodius, Sabeen and Ceithy enlisted the help of some locals and camels to go and fetch the flour and machinery from the great windmill
    • They discovered a reinforced bandit tent camp around the windmill and attacked it
    • Some of their helpers from town turned against them when promised riches by the bandits
    • As the bandit leader, Sterling was escaping into the windmill with one of the traitorous helpers the party attempted to parlay with him.
    • In return for his life Sterling promised to allow the party to take whatever they like from the windmill
    • The party also demanded that Sterling kill the traitorous helper. Sterling shot the man without hesitation, the body toppling from the top of the windmill and landing unceremoniously on the sand below.
    • The party climbed the windmill and entered to retrieve the goods. Sterling was nowhere to be seen, presumably escaped.
    • The party buried the dead and took the goods back to town.
  • Perkuno and Bolt set out to see what was interrupting the songline to Shamlin
    • They discovered the songline had been eaten away by some kind of large acid-related pointy legged creature or maybe Stickmen?
  • Opal, Bolt, Bluey, Perkuno set out to investigate a light shooting into the sky at night to the south
    • Along the way they discovered strange structures erupting from the ground and the horrific giant flying insectoid creatures that emerge from them at night
    • They also discovered that the tower of the Wizard Rolo had been the location of a dinner party in which all the guests had been horribly slain by a Gnollboar
    • The lights had been flares sent up by the only survivor, a young noble who had holed up in the top level of the tower starving, surrounded by magics he didn't understand but hoping the flare spell he had found would save him
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