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Liom, Cleric of Avio / Fighter, Lvl 9

Played By longbowlloyd


“The kiln mother teaches us that the same fire that brings war can also be used to fuel construction.”

Intial Description: This short skinny wood elf is very young. He has a mop of curly red hair on top of his head and very pale skin covered in freckles. He wears big round glasses that make his green eyes appear to be very large. He has soft features and a slightly hooked nose. He wears practical working clothes in sandy colours with shades of brown. Over his clothing he wears a chain shirt and a large light brown traveller’s cloak. In his hands he carries a custom built crossbow with a stock that is ornately carved from dark red wood. Around his neck he wears a symbol of a steel hammer wreathed in ruby flames.

Updated Description, early Summer 641: Liom now wears his red hair in a short military style buzz cut. His clothing is now worn with the toil of construction and his facial features appear to be harder due to the constant stains of mud and dirt on his face. In contrast to his lackluster appearance he carries a meticulously clean hunting rifle slung over one of his shoulders.

Updated Description, early Autumn 641: A small humanoid robot made of rusted steel follows him around making 'squee' noises. He can normally be found at the local temple dedicated to the construction aspect of Avio and Oli.


  • Thirst for Knowledge → Gung Ho → Partner → Conflicted → Partner → Spirit Tongue
  • Engineers Knack → Be My Friend → Merciful → Lovestruck → Diplomatic → Angsty Teen
  • Overly Inquisitive → Old Lady Killer → Lady Killer → Running from the Draft → Redeemer → Supervisor → Micromanager → Knows What's Right → Lost My Path


  • The Kilnmother is not the mother I thought she was, I will forge my own path until she shows me that she cares.
  • I am the shield that keeps those I care about safe, I will protect my friends no matter what the cost.
  • Justice is my girlfriend and we are a team, I will get to truly know her so our relationship can flourish

Mystery Questions

New Questions:

  • Why is Liom so interested in meeting the spirits aligned with Avio?
  • What does Avio actually want from Liom?
  • Why were cities built at Chalkpot even though there was a malevolent spirit?
  • Why did the goliath abandon Chalkpot?
  • Why is the site of Chalkpot sacred to Avio and why is it guarded by Shopin?
  • What type of spirit is Shopin-Kiricet?
  • What aspect of the Kilnmother does Shopin-Kiricet embody?
  • What is the celestial name of the spirit Shopin Kiricet and what does it mean?
  • Is Shopin-Kiricet a mortal ascendant?
  • Is there a portal to the spirit realm at the location of Chalkpot?
  • Is the path to Shopin the path into the unknown referred to by Avio?
  • Who is Roku's mysterious benefactor?
  • Why does Roku know the spirit called Yan?

Questions About Liom:

  • How does Liom really feel about Justice?
  • Will Liom meet an
  • Will Liom become an ascendant?
  • How will the events with Loyal Ox's sister change how Liom deals with
  • How would Liom deal with the death of a friend or another party member?
  • What would Liom do if someone from his past arrived in Qaval?
  • Would Liom ever leave Qaval??

Questions About Other Characters:

  • Will Justice and Liom get married?
  • Will Justice become pregnant?
  • Does Justice want to have children?
  • Does Justice's moral code have shades of grey?
  • What is Justices line of ancestry to Nodermu?
  • Does Justice have any family?
  • Did Justice have previous love interests?
  • What does Justice hate most?
  • Why did Justice become an adventurer?


  • Will Lilta and Liom become best friends?
  • Why is Lilta so obsessed with getting Lioms approval?
  • Why does Lilta have serious self esteem issues?
  • Why is Lilta afraid of being left behind?
  • How did Lilta learn his acrobatics?
  • Why doesn't Lilta follow Kilarbi?
  • Why does Lilta keep ogling Justice?

Other Characters:

  • Why is Kataka so driven by monetary gain?
  • Why does Abaya follow Nodermu?
  • Will abaya and Liom become best friends despite their ancestry?
  • Why does Loyal Ox avoid questions about women and relationships?
  • Why does Loyal Ox behave as if he is very old?
  • How will Loyal Ox deal with Justice staying at the temple?

Questions About the World:
Wardens, Ascendants and Spirits:

  • Are there any ascendants aligned with Avio in the vicinity of Qaval?
  • How can a mortal ascend?
  • Do Wardens have the ability to grant ascendancy?
  • Is ascendancy granted or is it taken from others?
  • Can you ascend under the patronage of multiple wardens?
  • Are ascendants manifestations of the wardens or do they serve their own ends?
  • Why did Avio not resolve the dispute between her children?
  • What does Shobi think of Kamino?
  • What is Shobi's side of the story about Kamino?
  • Will Kamino manage to restore her lost place in the world?
  • What was in the box the knight was trying to open?
  • What is the big sleeping thing that the spirits are fighting over?
  • Why does Kilarbi want the sleeping thing to stay sleeping?
  • Why do the spirits of Horu want to feed on the sleeping thing?

In Qaval:

  • Who is Caesar really?
  • What is Sharpcall's story?
  • How did Roku come by some extra goods?


  • Why is Nonna spying on people?
  • Does Nonna have a connection with Stirling and the Bank?
  • What is Nonna's true motivation, what does she really want?
  • Why has Nonna's supply of magic to Vorkhid been disrupted?
  • What is the extent of the relationship between Vorkhid and Nonna, is it strictly business?


  • Why does Vorchid use sentient vultures to spy on people, who is he spying on?
  • What is in Vorkhids lockup?
  • Will Tally and Shorty change enough that they can be integrated into Qaval society?
  • Will Tally complete his apprenticeship as a tinker?

Factions and Locations:

  • Why are the gnolls building a fortress city if they are deemed to be truefolk?
  • Why do the gnolls need to get something from the fingers?

New Pipton:

  • Where are the 'whitefolk' coming from?
  • What is the source of the plant desolation in pipton?
  • Will the halfling be convinced to increase trade with Qaval if the whitefolk are dealt with?
  • Why were the halflings so secretive about a 'mineral cave' on the way from pipton to Qaval?
  • What at the spire is causing the disease that is afflicting the Halflings?
  • How did the halflings come by the magical projector?

“Elven House” North of Minah:

  • Was the 'elven house' north of Minah actually occupied by elves in the past?
  • What was the name of the 'elven house' north of Minah?
  • Why did the 'elven house' North of Minah become abandoned?
  • Where did the demon cultists come from?

House Madori:

  • How did house madori become undead?
  • Why are house madori obsessed with maintaining the peace?
  • What information does the library at house madori have on spirits and ascendants?
  • Who is the matriarch at the head of house Madori?


  • Level: Cleric 8th, Fighter 1st
  • Class: Cleric (Avio,Construction Domain), Fighter (Archery Style)
  • Race: Wood Elf
  • Background: Guild Artisan, Gun Smith




Entry Number: 1

  • In-Game Date: unknown
  • Party: Justice, Kataka
  • Main Quest: Defeat the monster terrifying the people of Minah

Entry Number: 2

  • In-Game Date: unknown
  • Party: Loyal Ox, Gutsol
  • Main Quest: Drop a package at Nonna's for Skylar, one of Vorchids crew

Entry Number: 3

  • In-Game Date: unknown
  • Party: Loyal Ox, Ceithy
  • Main Quest: Help Caithy to remove Stirlings men from the temple

Entry Number: 4

  • In-Game Date: 42 Summer 641
  • Party: Justice, Hadil
  • Main Quest: Defeat a scaled beast that attacked a halfling caravan and retrieve some personal effects

Entry Number: 5

  • In-Game Date: 52 Summer 641
  • Party: Loyal Ox, Lilta, Abaya, Bolt
  • Main Quest: Work out who descrated the temple to the wardens in town

Entry Number: 6

  • In-Game Date: 64 Summer 641
  • Party: Justice, Opal, Bolt
  • Main Quest: Retrieve the stolen gems from the spiders and give them back to the dwarf caravan

Entry Number: 7

  • In-Game Date: 69 Summer 641
  • Party: Loyal Ox, Samarah
  • Main Quest: Seek out Loyal Ox's sister

Entry Number: 8

  • In-Game Date: 74 Summer 641
  • Party: Lilta, Stilgar, Osmodeus
  • Main Quest: Seek out magic items, get lost in the temple of distraction

Entry Number: 9

  • In-Game Date: 81st Summer 641
  • Party: Justice, Lilta
  • Main Quest: Find the magic sword

Entry Number: 10

  • In-Game Date: 3rd Autumn 641
  • Party: Lilta, Kataka, Varya
  • Main Quest: Investigate the halfling town, new pipton

Entry Number: 11

  • In-Game Date: 18th Autumn 641
  • Party: Lilta, Abaya, Bolt
  • Main Quest: Seek out the source of the Elven prayers North of Minah

Entry Number: 12

  • In-Game Date: 26th Autumn 641
  • Party: Justice, Lilta, Stilgar
  • Main Quest: Investigate the deaths of all the men in Shamlin and apprehend Loyal Ox's sister

Entry Number: 13

  • In-Game Date: 32nd Autumn 641
  • Party: Loyal Ox, Lilta, Liom
  • Main Quest: Deal with Loyal Ox's sister

Entry Number: 14

  • In-Game Date: 43nd Autumn 641
  • Party: Havilah, Lilta, Ragatlon
  • Main Quest: Find the missing halfling minerologists

Entry Number: 15

  • In-Game Date: 53rd Autumn 641
  • Party: Justice, Lilta, Robertson-Palmer
  • Main Quest: Investigate the walking tree in Minah

Entry Number: 16

  • In-Game Date: 70th Autumn 641
  • Party: Justice, Lilta
  • Main Quest: Investigate the spirit activity on the road to Shamlin

Entry Number: 17

  • In-Game Date: 70th Autumn 641
  • Party: Justice, Lilta
  • Main Quest: Investigate the town of Chalkpot and the spirit Shopin-Kiricet
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