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Lilta Astarmo, Traveling Acrobat, Lvl 3

Played By phdancer


“Can I see that?”

“Did they steal my shit? Who stole my shit?”

Lilta was born to quiet, hermit-like Danas, who lived in secluded woodlands and suffered from childhood amnesia, and Nyello, a singer from a gypsy caravan, who liked to visit Danas on his travels. Lilta spent his childhood in a mixture of secluded weeks with his mother at the woodland cottage (where he generally caused mischief) and highly eventful weeks on the road with his father's gypsy caravan, where he learnt his acrobatic skills and fearless curiousity. When he came of age he insisted on embarking on his own performance tour with a group he called 'The cat burglars' consisting of himself and his pet cat Tumbles. He has been wandering and performing ever since, avoiding contact with extended family or the high elf family his mother served.

Lilta is a petite and usually barefoot woodelf with skin that reminds people of Autumn and curly dark red hair that gets in his eyes. He wears loose lightweight pantaloons and either no shirt or a leather vest, sometimes reluctantly covered with a jacket in the winter. He likes to put feathers or leaves or other found treasures in his hair, so that he appears as though he might have just sprung out of the woods.


The desolation brings a lack of humour and joy with it. I will help make the places I come to filled with laughter and hope.

Where there is a trap, there is treasure of one kind or another for the disarmer. I will be the disarmer, and grow in renown.

I love Justice and Liom. I will protect them, advocate for them, help them, but must never tell them, lest they think I'm weird or don't feel the same and leave.


Brash Best third wheel Death wish


  Level: 3rd
  Race: Wood Elf
  Background: Wanderer
  Class: Rogue (arcane trickster)


STR: 13 +1 DEX: 17 +3 CON: 12 +1 INT: 14 +2 WIS: 12 +1 CHA: 13 +1


Has Lilta had any long term relationships?

What is Lilta's sexuality? Answered: Pansexual

Is Natalia from the bakery nicer over a drink? Answered: She is not exactly nice, but is amused by the antics of drinkers

What are the halflings up to? Answered: Building a town called Pipetown from stuff found in underdark and farming using special fertiliser to grow things including greens and sugar cane.

Does Natalia have a love interest?

Who can I set up together?

Who is looking for a relationship? Partial answer: NOT MONTY

Do the wardens have power over individuals?

Does Lilta get along with Miss Grinny? Are we rivals?

Is the desolation permanent?

Where did Caesar come from?

How does Lilta deal with loss?

Is Justice monogamous with Liom?

What happened to Lilta's parents?

What is Liom's opinion of Lilta? Answered: Incompetent.

Who is the spirit that Loyal Ox's sister made her deal with?

Why is Liom shy about his powers?

How could I help Joeseph Gorgonsbreath?

Should I be more interested in the wardens and is Kalabi more suitable for me than Shobi?

Can Justice be persuaded to consider Liom as a long term prospect?

Is Liom straight?

Why is Lilta scared of being along/dying alone?

Is Lilta actually as experienced with sexy-times as he pretends to Liom?

What is Lilta looking for in a relationship?

Can I help poor petrified knight man?

Will Liom and Justice get married?

If Liom and Justice get married, will they leave me?

Will anyone in Quaval ever really understand me?

Will Lilta ever reveal his love for Liom and Justice?

If Lilta reveals his love for Liom and Justice, what will be the consequences?

How can I get Monty to not think I'm a bad person and like me?

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