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Experience in Dungeons and Dragons and Feelings has been artfully separated from the process of killing things. No longer does one gain reams of experience by slaughtering rooms and towns filled with rich story potential. Instead, the focus of progressive power gain has been shifted into learning - the more questions you answer as you play, the more you discover, the stronger you become. Every character follows the same experience requirements, and gains experience in the same way. How quickly they grow is tied directly to how many mysteries each player pursues in any given session. It is also distinctly possible that despite a grand adventure, a character may not gain any experience for a given session, though highly unlikely.

Levelling Up

You are eligible to level up when you gain experience equal to nine plus your level multiplied by three, with the cost deducted from your total on a successful level up. Levelling up is a Great Work, which must be completed before you gain the benefits of your new level. Unlike regular 5th Edition, there is a chance of failure at levelling up, which can waste the resources put forward - although experience is never wasted.

Each level of the Monument of Heroes in Qaval increases the starting level of a new character in the Splintering Wheel.The DC for the success of any Great Work is 10, plus any penalties from lack of gold or days spent.

Level Required XP DC
1 - -
2 - -
3 15 16
4 18 18
5 21 20
6 24 22
7 27 24
8 30 26
9 33 28
10 36 30
11 39 32
12 42 34
13 45 36
14 48 38
15 51 40
16 54 42
17 57 44
18 60 46
19 63 48
20 66 50

You Grow At The End

At the end of each session, the characters, players, and GM, have all been on a journey that has seen them grow and change. Going around the table, each player reviews their Callings and Traits to the group, one player at a time, and with the help of the other players and the GM, they check each Calling for potential experience gains, and vote on a trait.


If you can give an example of an action your character took in the session that was motivated by one of their Callings, they gain one experience, limited to one per Calling per session. This is called giving a Because Statement. I.E. “I robbed the noble's son BECAUSE wealth should be shared amongst the common folk.” A maximum total of three experience can be gained per session by acting on Callings, one from each active Calling.

If your character has completed the goal stated in one or more of their Callings, they gain experience equal to their current level for each Calling completed, and remove the resolved Calling, replacing the with new or reserved ones between sessions.


After checking their Callings and marking experience, the player should then read out their traits to the table, to be voted on for removal, then voted on for adding a new trait relevant to the character's session of play. No experience is gained for the use, removal or addition of traits.


After each player has assessed their Callings and sorted their traits, they each should check over their Mysteries list, and mark one experience for each Question they answered.

The Session-End Questions

In addition to the Callings and Questions each character holds, there are a set of six group questions, asked at the very end of the session, after all individual character experience questioning is done, and they should be asked by the GM, to the group at large. These questions represent general progress of the party, and the act of adventuring and learning beyond specifics of the world. Even if a player pursues no Callings, and answered none of their own Questions, these group questions will provide an opportunity for even the most rudimentary dungeon crawl to still provide them with advancement. Each question answered by the party at large provides one experience to each party member, per question answered. If a party member wasn't present, or specifically didn't input on a given question for the majority of the adventure, it is up to the GM's discretion as to whether or not they gain experience for it.

The Questions

  • Did we complete any quests?
  • Did we defeat a notable foe?
  • Did we acquire a useful ally, contact or confidant?
  • Did we loot a Memorable Treasure?
  • Did we devise a shrewd scheme or strategy, that was successful and put the party at an advantage?
  • Did we get set back by being outmanoeuvred or through oversight, AND learn from it?
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