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Downtime Options

Preparation Dice

You may spend downtime preparing for adventure. Each day spent on a preparation activity grants the player one Preparation Die for checks relevant to their preparation, as listed in the Applicable Checks. A single preparation die can be rolled and added to an appropriate roll after the player has seen the result of the roll but before the GM has announced the outcome. If at the end of their downtime a character has a number of preparation dice equal to more than double their current level, they must discard preparation dice until this is no longer true.

Die SizeApplicable ChecksActivity
1d6survival roll made to navigate while mounted or steering a beast of burdenCommuning in solitude with the totem beast at the Construction temple
1d6Religion, History, Nature or Arcana checkresearching in the library


You may spend days investigating a specific topic. For each day make an investigation roll, for each successful roll the GM will answer one question on the topic.


You may one or more days partying when you do so roll a luck save. For every 50gp you spend partying gain a +1 bonus on this save. This cost is reduced to 25gp if you are partying at Dawson's tavern. If you spend multiple days partying you roll one of these saves for each day, using the same bonuses each time. If the last save is even you take the highest of the rolled results. If the last save is odd you take the lowest of the rolled results.

Great Works

You may invest your time in bringing something new into the world, whether it is a new part of yourself, a new item, a new room or building, or even a new spell. See more details here.

Town Upgrade

Days and Resources can also be donated to various civic projects around town to enhance options available to players. These are primarily recorded on the Qaval page. New characters will be allowed to start at level 2.

Improved Blacksmith WorskpaceRadon will craft masterwork melee weapons.
Improved Blacksmith ForgeRadon will reforge melee weapons (including weapons into different forms.)
Improved Bowyer WorkspaceSharpcall will craft masterwork ranged weapons.
Sheemaw's HutSheemaw will collect more things in his hut for trading.
Dojo at temple to ShanPlayers will be able to collect Preparation Dice to aid them with mellee combat rolls.
Arcanum at temple to ShanPlayers will be able to collect Preparation Dice to aid them with spellcasting rolls.
Firearms WorkspaceSharpcall will build and repair firearms.
Construction Temple Stables2 Beasts may be stabled at the temple.
Dawson's TavernThe cost of Carousing save bonuses will be halved again in price.
Ms Grinny's ParlourThe cost of Carousing save bonuses will be halved in price.
Monument of HeroesNew characters will be allowed to start at level 2.

Resource Quest

You may spend a period of days on a background quest to obtain resources.

Time CostEarned Resource
5 Days1 Goods
25 Days1 Influence
100 Days1 Magic


You may perform menial tasks for patrons around town in order to earn money. This roll is an ability save depending on the kind of work performed.

<5A bad thing happened
5+1sp per day
10+1gp per day
15+5gp per day
20+10gp per day
25+15gp per day
30+20gp per day

Lifestyle Expenses

You must pay lifestyle expenses for each day of your downtime If you have secure lodgings, this cost is halved. If you have a secure supply of food this cost is halved. If you have both this cost is quartered.

Mounts have a consistent lifestyle expense of 1sp. This is affected by secure food and stabling the same as for a person.

LifestyleCostD20 Modifier
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