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Cyrus, Druid, Lvl 1

Played By longbowlloyd



Intro Description:
Cyrus is a scrawny goliath, standing only 7ft tall. He is muscular in a thin wiry manner. He is bald and has hard facial features with a square jaw. His eyes are steel grey and his mouth is set in a constant half frown. He wears fur hide armor and clothing made pieced together from various brown pelts. Across his shoulders he wears a cloak fashioned from a single large bear skin with the head forming the hood and the front paws forming a mantle. He carries a dented round wooden shield and an oaken haft spear. He uses few words and prefers to communicate with body language. Around his neck he wears a bear paw roughly carved from rosewood


  • Survival of the Fittest
  • Man of Few Words
  • Gentle Giant


  • Animals are easier to understand than people, I will find myself new furry friend
  • People outside the Colloston generally fear Goliath, I will make myself a new home by provingg myself useful to them
  • Animals only fight for the purpose of survival, I will only fight when it is critical for my own survival


  • Level: 1st
  • Class: Beastmaster (Druid)
  • Race: Goliath
  • Background: Soldier



Mystery Questions

New Questions:

  • Fill this in at session start

Questions About Cyrus:

  • How did Cyrus become a druid?
  • How does Cyrus feel about his previous occupation?
  • Where is the colleston that Cyrus came from?
  • What is the name of the colleston that Cyrus came from?
  • Did Cyrus leave anything behind that he regrets?
  • Why was Cyrus thrown from his home colleston?
  • How did Cyrus survive being thrown from the colleston?
  • How did Cyrus survive the trek to Qaval?
  • Why did Cyrus come to Qaval at all?
  • Why doesn't Cyrus like to talk?
  • How will Cyrus be received by the people of Qaval?
  • How will Cyrus be received by adventurers in Qaval?
  • What is Cyrus afraid of?
  • What does Cyrus truly love?

Questions About Other Characters:

  • TODO

Questions About the World:

  • TODO


Entry Number: 1

  • In-Game Date:
  • Party:
  • Main Quest:
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