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Player Characters

Player Characters are wanderers, outcasts, malcontents and adventurers. For whatever reason they feel the urge to venture into the wastes beyond the edges of civilisation. They are known to meet in the forum in Qaval to form small parties for such expeditions seeking fame, fortune or more mysterious ends.

The player characters in this section are, as far as we know, alive.

Retired Player Characters


  • Caesar - Adventurer Manager.
  • Sheemaw - Has a knick knack shop.
  • Gorunna - Runs a Trading Post.
    • Ian - Ogrin. Helps out in the shop during the day.
  • Radon - Weapon Smith
  • Sharpcall - Bowyer
  • Roku - Runs Temple of Shan
  • Natalya - Head Baker
  • Dawson - Owns a tavern
  • Ms Grinny - Owns a tavern
  • Mr Balantine - Setting Up Alchemist's Shop
  • Mr Rultenheim - Loan Shark
  • Vorkhid - Mafia boss? Definitely the mafia boss. Influential in town.
  • Skylar - High elf, one of Vorkhids crew. Now Dead. RIP.
  • Marki - Runs the song lines
  • Ol' Billy - Owner of the general store in Shamlin, now in charge. Now dead. RIP.
  • Child Deciever - Travelling Dwarven Wizard
  • Iris - Baker in Minah
  • Agnes - Mother of tanner in Minah
  • Murdock - Mysterious Wild Gnome Chieftan
  • Bourbon - (Deceased) Teller of the Bank of Shialbaz
  • Sterling - Bandit Leader in Bank of Shialbaz
  • Legripper - gnoll, representative from “Carcass Fort”
  • William Greatbatch - halfling, quartermaster of the 181st caravan.
  • Lillian Dawnharvest - halfling, daughter of Oswald Dawnharvest head of caravan security
  • Matilda Goodwort - Previously employed by the Bank, now an underling for House il'Qorveyer, now dead?
  • Sarge - Revived bank “bandit” that hangs out with Kellen at the Monument to Heros
  • Misha is Iris' assistant
  • Derrin is a sweet potato
  • Bronson is a moonshine brewer
  • Mr Modnickel is a banker at minah
  • Magny runs the Shamlin bnb
  • Rennet runs Shamlin
  • Abbie Lee human female Quiet, narrow nose, parted lips, works at bakery, wants to be in love
  • Darniel - Monk Harbridge Temple (
  • Marek (f) - Monk at Harbridge Temple (
  • Kristian - Monk at Harbridge Temple (young mads mikkelson)
  • Sin-Kashid - outlaw barnacle farmer on the outskirts of chalkpot
  • Beli-Ashared - ancient ogrin leader that first settled chalkpot after goliaths left
  • Bulletproof Hudson - was the head of security at the qaval branch of the bank of Shialbaz (Played by Travis Willingham)
  • Viper Penelope - travelling kungfu master, adherent of shan (played by Rinko Kikuchi)
  • Rusty Joe. - Crazy old southern hunter in town. Bushy beard, buzzcut. Peglegs, peg arm and blunderbuss.
  • Toothface - a Gnoll that paints people with dicks and obsesses about romantic stories.
  • Chef Ramshead - a Gnoll that teaches cooking and speaks mostly through recipe language.
  • Charlie Grout - a gnoll guard that likes to eat intruders.
  • Speakydeaky - an ancient gnoll translator
  • Jawma - a Gnoll packmother in charge of carcassfort
  • Burntface Barbados - a Gnoll guard who cares about reputation and intimidation
  • Odrithar Uldrune - once owned Veishol
  • Bullseye Asha - Stands watch atop a peak near Shamlin's derrick
  • Gwylan Pewitt (played by Molly Quinn) - green female halfling adventurer. Party lost trying to rescue lillian dawnharvest from the glacier
  • “Four Fingered” Oxton Kahl (played by david wenham) - alchemist for the network
  • Donovan Il Batard - Fatty, rescued from inquisition. Definitely not a hostage.
  • Gimble - (Played by Richard E. Grant) Fixer -
  • Ms Kindrick - worked for the bank, but was killed by the Adherents of Yan.
  • Isolde Wren - working on the wall around the burial site
  • Baros Obadiah - a father on the road
  • Gordon Underbark, Lord of the Cactus Hold - Left his halfling grid when he was young, and went out into the world to study, and find the secrets of immortality. After many years, he gained understanding that if he could find a certain thing that exists between life and death and drink its blood, he would be able to perform a ritual so that anything alive could hold his flesh.
  • Miss Silk, third-in-command of House Madori
  • Deng Tuqi - Bank Tinkerer
  • Phyxtion - unnamed High Elf
  • Ebert Guarta - primitive mud-dwarf, 'Guarta' being the name of the caravan, taken as surnames of all the village)
  • Francos Guarta - important mud-dwarf of house Maughin dwarf town.


  • Hamlet
  • Zane
  • Harry
  • Hog
  • Churchill
  • Sparky
  • Ruffles
  • Paige
  • Grimsby


Italics for uncivil/unaligned angels.

  • DuKhorne, angel of Avio, mother/mothers of the machine/machines that build themself/themselves
  • Folkon, angel of Horu.
  • Calmguard, angel of Horu and/or Nodermu? Conflicting. Abjuration. Appealed to for banishings, wardings. Ancient peoples of the Qaval area (presumed to be Gant) appealed to it to place protective blessings on newborn children. Involved in supplying the ability of unnaming.
  • Lightpall, believed to be dead by House Madori's archivists
  • Forgehart, former servant of Avio, turned against her on the birth of her daughters
  • Dracovag, taps into energy flows
  • Loxton, attempts to steal corporeal members of House Madori


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