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Callings are your character’s motivations and beliefs, briefly summarised, and made actionable. They are your character's driving motivations, reasons for living, and/or thoughts and feelings that your character pushes on through the Wastes with. Their Callings are the reason they get up in the morning, the reason they do their best to survive. Each character can have up to three active Callings at any session of game, with a minimum of one, and are used, to the best of your ability, as driving motivation for your character's thoughts and actions. Your character may more than three Callings, but these are held in reserve. Callings can be acted upon, resolved, or even left behind without action - they change and grow with the character, and are in no way a permanent, rigid facet of your character.

Making the Call

Callings are structured in two short sentences: the Belief, and the Action. The Belief is a short snippet that your character holds dear to their heart in one way or another - whether it is fact to them, evident in every breath, or whether it is a great unknown, desperate to be explored, a Belief is a statement your character makes with certainty, about someone, something, or themselves. Beliefs must be tied to the heart of your character as a person - it must be something they believe in. The Action is a similarly short snippet stating how your character intends to act on, and eventually resolve their belief, changing themselves and the world forever, usually in the mid-to-long term; although actions can be singular acts, they cannot be immediately achievable, or they're not cut out to be a Calling. Actions must be tied into the Belief, and are shaped by how the character perceives a Belief.

“The Baron is extorting his people. I will remove him from power.”
“The party Rogue, Tamlin, saved my life. I will return the favour at any cost.”
“The Gods are unworthy of worship. I will end all religion in the land.”

Your active Callings should represent a broad cross section of your character's current state. Having two or more Callings on roughly the same belief isn't recommended, and it is forbidden to have Callings that can be resolved at the same time. A character's three Callings should exist roughly in the three following areas, to keep them diverse, and grant you choice in where you lead your character's narrative in any given session:

  • Your Present Place In The World - where you are, why you're here, something about the place that is important to you.
  • Another PC or NPC - beliefs about other characters are a player favourite to investigate and challenge, and as PCs are always evolving, they are ripe for new Callings.
  • Your Character's Past - infested with problems, past strife and beliefs and convictions once held so strongly, but now long forgotten - backgrounds are rife with excellent Callings.

Heeding the Call

As in any good game of Dungeons and Dragons and Feelings, a character will inevitably come across a situation that leans on the Belief of a Calling of theirs in some way - she sees the Baron extorting their people by way of unsustainable taxing. Heeding her Calling, a character might slay the tax-collector, or persuade him to skip the town, or send him back to his Baron with no money. These actions all relate to the character's specific Calling, and the Belief that 'The Baron is extorting his people.' By acting in a way that (slowly) removes him from power, that character is furthering herself and her Calling. At the end of your session, when answering Questions, Callings and Mysteries, if you attempted to take actions that stemmed from your Callings, gain 1 experience once per actioned Calling per session.

“I sent the tax collector back to the Baron with no gold BECAUSE The Baron is extorting his people.”
“I chose to grab Tamlin's hand over the falling treasure BECAUSE The party Rogue, Tamlin, saved my life.”
“I converted the priest at his own altar BECAUSE The Gods are unworthy of worship.”

Answering the Call

When you achieve the intention stated in your goal, or it is otherwise resolved with your involvement on some level, you gain experience equal to your level and replace that Calling with a new one. Writing down your completed Callings and how you completed them allows you to look back over the annals of your character's legend as you progress in the Wastes, and is a fantastic way to remember parts of your games that really matter to you.

“I saved Tamlin's life at great personal cost. I have returned the favour.”

Retiring the Call

Sometimes, a Calling is answered without your involvement, or through the natural course of time, things change such that your Calling is answered, or just not relevant anymore. A Calling can be freely retired and replaced once per session, at the discretion of your GM. It is recommended to space out the specific retiring of Callings that aren't answered, giving time for the character to discover what truly drives them, and allowing them to find out what their next Calling is.

“I have seen the error of my ways, and that not all Gods are equal. I cannot end all religion in the land.”

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